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Tuliniemi Farm

The owners of  the Tuliniemi farm are Helena and Mikko Väisänen.

Our farm is located in Vieremä, in Central Finland. The nearest town is Iisalmi.

We have fields 42 ha and woodlands 70ha.

We produce milk. We have about 26 milking cows and about 30 heifers and calves. Their breed is Ayrshire. We raise heifers by ourselves. The bull calves are sent on from the farm.

We also have 16 horses. We sell horses and we train them for trotting races, too.

We also keep horses of which we take care of on behalf of the owners. Every spring time 4-8 foals are born in our stable.

On our fields we grow grass, barley and oat as food for our animals.

We have two dogs, Ada and Teri. They are Border collie and herding dogs. Our two cats Viiru and Pesonen live in the cow house, too.

Our cow house was built in 1978. It has been renovated and extended in 1999. It is a stall stable. In the cow house we have pipeline milking, a feeding robot and a liquid manure system. We have a stable for seven horses and a loose stall stable for 14 foals and mares. The stable was built in 1988 and the loose stall stable in 1997.

The history of Tuliniemi

Mikko´s grandparents Elma and Kalle Väisänen bought and moved to Tuliniemi in 1936.  Mikko´s parents Toini and Pekka carried on as farmers. Helena and Mikko have been the owners of the business since 1984.

Our family

To our family belongs mother Helena, father Mikko and their children Tiina and Timo. Tiina studies history at the University of Joensuu. She plays Kantele our national instrument. Tiina also likes riding, swimming and reading. Timo studies for Bachelor of Natural Resources at Savonia University of Applied Sciences in Iisalmi. He likes playing floor ball and swimming. Timo also trains our horses.

Mikko´s hobby is all the organisations concerning the horses. Helena likes swimming and water running. She also sings in a group called Tuuloset.  Everybody in the family is interested in horses and going to the trotting races.

Lakeside Sauna

The lakeside sauna is a very important place for us. Often in summer we have a lot of work which keeps us very busy. But in summer evenings we warm up the sauna and grill sausages. We look how beautiful are the lake, birches and the sunset. These moments are our summer holiday.